Making unexpected connections and life-long friends

We're travelling learners, adventurous explorers, mobile investigators.

"Afoot and heart-lighted I take to the open road..." - Walt Whitman

The world: One giant opportunity to be constantly engaged and amazed.

We’re a little different!

Imagine a summer camp that isn’t site-based. We’re an exploring, learning, doing, connecting, road-trip taking summer camp. Expedition Education combines travel and authentic educational experiences. We connect kids to the wider world and excite their passion for learning.

Go Global Camps

Go Global Camps bring kids together from all over the world for the adventure of a lifetime. These not-for-profit camps build leadership skills and global awareness for tomorrow’s change makers. We meet in Austin and then board the bus for 10 days of adventure and camping across several U.S. states.

Texas Camps

Texas Expeditions are traveling summer day camps. Every morning campers meet up with the Expedition Ed Van and head out into the wilds of Central Texas. We explore a variety of Texas locations, depending on each camp’s theme. Pick the camp  that best fits your interests. You can’t go wrong, cause they’re all a Texas ton of fun!

Online Language Courses

Expedition Ed provides interactive online language courses that connect learners from all over the world. Designed for students who are already studying English, Expedition Ed courses take English to the next level. In a comprehensive online platform, students will listen, speak, read, and write along with native English speakers.

Explore. Expreience. Excite

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What They Say

“Riding on the bus is super fun, because Russell keeps us laughing with his funny and educational banter.”


“It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E because I swam in lakes, saw new species, AND we climbed to the top of a mountain and you could see EVERYTHING, I learned so much about Texas my mind was blown – can I go back?”


“I loved going to the camp, swimming and looking at so many interesting places.”


“Everyday was a different adventure, we did so many things!”


“Expedition Education was my favorite camp last year! I loved traveling to different locations around Austin!”


“I loved this camp because there were lots of fun, new places to go.  My favorite part was learning about bees.”


“Wow! It was cool!”


“Mom, I don’t mind getting up at 6:30 for this camp. I really like it and am having so much fun!”


“Expedition Ed Camp is awesomely fun!”


The Blog

A blog about education, travel, kids, and loving the adventure of it all.

Costa Rica Science Research Experience

Expedition Education is thrilled to be partnering with Seeds of Change and Austin Homeschool Science League to offer a life-changing event for 16 science-oriented high schoolers. [gallery ids="520,521,522,523,524,525,526,527,529"] To prepare for the trip, students...

We Are All Travelers

After our Texas summer camps last year, my family traveled to New Mexico for an outdoor adventure with our own kids. I took this picture of a sign posted in our hotel room in Silver City. We had just come out of the Gila Wilderness where we hiked 13 miles round trip...

Finding Yourself at the End of the Road

Siribinha, Brazil is at the end of the road. The end of a long, bumpy, dirt road. The road goes over swamps, past rivers, through eucalyptus and coconut groves, along the seashore, through several little towns and finally brings you to the tiny, charming fishing...

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