At Expedition Ed we travel a lot, so we travel in style. The Expedition Ed Bus comfortably and safely seats 21 people with plenty of room for a cooler full of snacks and all our gear. The Bus is a mobile hotspot because we spend some travel time doing research or documenting our journey.

We know kids. And kids, unlike dogs, don’t necessarily love road trips. So we make sure that the vehicle is equipped with all we need to make the trip fun. Road time is structured to be a mixture of down-time, learning time, and connecting time. We share snacks and stories, watch movies, work on projects, and make sure kids have some alone time to read, relax, and check in with family and friends.

Many Expeditions require other vehicles so we make sure to pack the fun and take it along. We may be traveling by train, chartered bus, boat, or plane. Expedition Ed manages the journey so that kids are always connected, safe, comfortable, and having a great time.