Siribinha, Brazil is at the end of the road. The end of a long, bumpy, dirt road. The road goes over swamps, past rivers, through eucalyptus and coconut groves, along the seashore, through several little towns and finally brings you to the tiny, charming fishing village of Siribinha. It is the kind of place where you get lost and found all in the same weekend.

We go too fast, most of us. Siribinha is a place that slows things down. You eat some papaya, have a swim, take a long walk, eat some fish, float in the river for a couple of hours, walk back along the beach, and share a long dinner with friends under the light of the moon.

Kids need to watch us work hard. They need to see that the benefits and privileges we enjoy in life are the result of committed effort. But they also need to see us relax. To feel comfortable with sitting. Content to walk for a while without the need to arrive. At ease participating in contemplative conversations. Happy to just be.

At the end of the road we lose the things that distract us from ourselves. We shake loose from them. And we are left to find ourselves, our truer selves. Easy for us to say, we (hopefully) had already found that truer self at some point. Kids are still looking. And they need to look under lots of rocks, and around many corners, and down long dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. So they can find who they are. And how to just be.

They need to spend some time at the end of the road.