Expedition Education is thrilled to be partnering with Seeds of Change and Austin Homeschool Science League to offer a life-changing event for 16 science-oriented high schoolers.

To prepare for the trip, students will receive 6 educational sessions on leaf-cutter ants, the fungus they produce, their potential in the discovery of new life-saving antibiotics, and the exciting field of bioinformatics.

On July 26th, students will travel as a team with expedition leaders, Amanda Akers and Russell Baker, for 10 days of research in Costa Rica. We will be met by scientists from the University of Wisconsin and the University of Costa Rica and stay at La Anita Rainforest Ranch.

As quickly as possible the students will be broken into research teams. Led by Dr. Cameron Currie, Dr. Adrian Pinto, and other scientists, these teams will develop their own projects, with their own goals, and their respective protocols.

Off-site experiences will be included in the activities while the students are immersed in this research environment. Our final two days are spent at the beach doing sea turtle research.

Trip cost is $3500, offset by sales of delicious Costa Rican coffee. The coffee was rated “best in the world” by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and is the livelihood of a co-op of 700 families in Costa Rica. Bags cost $10 and students earn $5 on every sale.

 We still have a few spots left on our team!

To learn more about this amazing opportunity and get involved, contact Amanda Akers (amanda@expeditioned.com), Russell Baker (russell@expeditioned.com). Or call 512.638.9722