Rocks and Rivers

June 12-16  | Ages 8 and Up | $385

Rocks and Rivers is our most physically active camp. We’ll explore the rich and fascinating geology of central Texas by climbing all over it and splashing through the rivers that helped form it! In this camp we travel to San Marcos, Longhorn Caverns, and Enchanted Rock. We spend some great time hiking and climbing and learning all about the area from local geologists and Texas experts. In the afternoon, when it’s way too hot for hiking, we cool off in Inks Lake, Barton Springs, Bastrop State Park, and the Pedernales River. If you’re an outdoor fan who loves to get wet, then Rocks and Rivers is the camp for you.

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We see the Balcones Fault up close and personal, go inside the rock at Longhorn Caverns, hike Enchanted Rock, and get a solid sense of the sediment all around us.


We’ll cool off in the San Marcos River, the Pedernales River, and the Colorado River. And take a dip at Barton Springs, Inks Lake, and Bastrop State Park too!


We’ll learn from expert rangers at Inks Lake, Bastrop/Buescher State Park, and Enchanted Rock. Plus, we’ll work with the folks at Wonder World, Austin Nature and Science Center, and the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment.

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