Wild Texas

June 19-23  |  8 and Up  |  $385

Wild Texas is a camp for critter lovers — it’s like wild discovery in your own backyard! Come learn all about central Texas’s coolest creatures in our Wild Texas Camp. Each day we’ll visit a different location to learn from biologists and wildlife experts about the mammals, birds, bugs, and other wild creatures that share our central Texas home. In this camp we visit Balcones Canyonland, Bastrop State Park, Inks Lake, Round Rock and more. We cool off at Barton Springs, Bastrop State Park, and the San Gabriel River. And we get do do awesome stuff like beekeeping, birdwatching, and fishing. If you love animals, you’ll love this camp!

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We’ll spend time getting to know the snakes, bees, birds, worms, and fish that share our central Texas home.


In our quest for critters, we visit Georgetown, Inks Dam National Fish Hatchery, Balcones Canyonland, and more.


Round Rock Honey, Candlelight Ranch, and Austin Reptile Service help us learn all about animals and have a ton of fun while staying safe.

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