Expedition Education strives to make exciting camp experiences accessible for all children. Please ask us about possible partnerships and scholarship opportunities.

Texas Camps

• Tuition: $385 ( includes $50 Registration Fee)

• Refundable up to 45 days prior to camp

• Monthly payments possible


Go Global Camps

Go Global Camps are not-for-profit camps and tuition is set to cover costs. Exact tuition will be                 announced when itineraries are finalized.                    


What They Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our campers and their families do the talking!

“Guillermo and I loved this camp because it was the only camp that my child came home everyday tired but energized about the things she learned. My favorite part was listening to her tell me about her day with such enthusiasm. I could feel the days excitement in her stories, really outstanding. “

Jeni Leon

“That’s the way to spend a summer. Thanks for giving them an experience that they can relive, retell and write about this school year.”

Jennifer Fisher

“Parents who want to provide the best educational opportunities for their child to grow as a responsible, excited learner, will celebrate the learning their child will experience under the highly competent guidance of the ExpeditionEd leaders: traveling and learning from nature, the universe and each other. “

Jacqueline E. Jacobs

Ph.D., International Educator

Frequently Asked Questions


Campers who are 8 and up are welcome on our Texas expeditions, but generally it’s for kids in upper elementary and middle school. Campers who are 12 and older are welcome at Go Global camps, but generally it’s for kids in upper middle school and high school. We love the idea of siblings and cousins and neighbors and friends coming to camp together. We also love the idea of kids of all ages hanging out and learning from each other. So we aren’t very strict on our age policy.

Where do we pick up and drop off?

Pick Up and Drop Off Logistics may be slightly different for each camp. Once the bus is full, we’ll organize with participants to make the pick up/drop off locations as convenient for the group as possible.


Campers need to pack their own lunches and bring a reusable water bottle. We’ll have a cooler to keep lunches cool and ice cold water for refills. Please pack healthy food and limit the sugar — we’ll need the right kind of fuel for all the moving around we’ll be doing!  Expedition Ed will provide snacks along the way.


Taking photos and videos, blogging, and looking up fascinating facts will be a big part of each expedition! Expedition Education travels with some technology to share. If campers have smart phones, tablets, or other technology, they are welcome to bring them for camp purposes (not gaming). However, campers would be completely responsible for their own devices and Expedition Education can not be held accountable for lost, stolen, or damaged items.


Please see each individual camp for pricing information.

Can parents come too?

We love the idea of parents coming! …but we have limited space on the van. Parents are ALWAYS welcome to meet us at any or all of our locations. If at any time we have extra seats on the van, parents are invited to ride along with us on a first to ask, first to get a seat basis.

What about insurance?

Expedition Education is doubled insured. The van is insured as a commercial vehicle and each expedition itself is insured by a nationally recognized special events/camp insurance agency.

What else should we bring?

When you register we will send you more complete details of what you will need for each specific expedition. In general: reusable water bottles, sunscreen, shoes that are comfortable and can get wet if necessary, and a cheery disposition. Seriously, this is gonna be a lot of fun!

Sibling Discounts

Siblings who sign up together get $50 off each additional registration.

Cancellation Policy
  • Registration fee is non-refundable after 45 days prior to camp start but will be deducted to total camp tuition.
  • Cancellation prior to 30 days before camp – camper’s tuition (minus registration fee) will be returned
  • Cancellation between 30 and 15 days prior to camp– half tuition refundable
  • Cancellation after 15 days prior to camp – tuition not refundable except in extenuating circumstances like family emergencies

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